Megan Schnitker

Owner and Indigenous Traditional Herbalist, Lakota Made, LLC

Sharing the Voice – Women Caring for Creation


Megan Schnitker is an Indigenous traditional herbalist and founder of the Mahkato Revitalization Project. Her parents, Charles Wayne and Marla Bull Bear, have always been a strong foundation for her by providing Lakota teachings and traditions growing up. Her father is hereditary Chief Bull Bear of the Kiyaksa Band of Oglalas of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, and comes from a long line of traditional spiritual leaders and teachers. She is proud and humbled to be a part of a traditional family.

The Mahkato Revitalization Project strives to provide space and programming that promotes and practices well-being through indigenous arts, culture and education. They offer adult and child classes, as well as community learning in order to bring cultural and traditional education to the Mankato, Minnesota area.

Her company, Lakota Made, LLC, makes medicinal teas, lotions, soaps and more from Lakota traditions passed down from her elders and through her own research. Her Native American culture has always valued taking care of the Earth, as the Earth took care of them. In her ancestry, women leaders in the Lakota culture had strong connections to the land. She expresses the importance of a sustainability-centered existence, and to strive to be one with nature, in all her work.