2019 Lilly Endowment Inc., Religion Division
May Consultation

About the May Consultation:


The May consultation, hosted by the Center for Congregations and funded by Lilly Endowment through the Evaluation & Communication Project, will be held at the Alexander Hotel, Indianapolis.  It will begin at 8:30 am on Tuesday, May 21 and conclude on Wednesday, May 22 at 3:00 p.m. Because of space limitations, organizations bringing a team should limit the number attending to no more than four persons total.  (NOTE:  If your organization houses a coordination program this count does not include the coordinator.)


The gathering will include over 100 leaders who guide a wide variety of organizations and Endowment-supported programs.  These include leaders from: (1) intermediary organizations (Center for Congregations, Louisville Institute, etc.); (2) coordination programs for major initiatives (high school youth theology institutes, campus ministry initiative, early career pastoral leadership programs, etc.); (3) major programs (Flourishing in Ministry Project, Collegeville Seminars on Vocation, etc.); and (4) individuals involved in multiple Endowment-funded initiatives and projects.   


Past consultations have provided opportunities for leaders to build relationships and deepen important connections with each other.  This is the primary objective of this year’s consultation.


The May consultation is organized around the theme of storytelling and will explore together a series of questions. 

  • What are the important stories we have to tell about American Christianity? 
  • More specifically, what are we learning, both individually and collectively, about the changing landscape of American Christianity in general and congregational life more specifically? 
  • Where are points of rapid change?  Where are points of continuity? 
  • How are congregations adapting to the changing landscape? 
  • What are the leading edges of hope and vitality? 
  • Where are parched places that need attention and nourishment? 
  • What are we learning through our work that needs to be communicated to others? 
  • And finally, where are potential points of collaboration that would deepen our efforts, both individually and collectively, to support and strengthen the vitality of Christian communities?        


Logistical Information

  1. Your lodging (Alexander Hotel) and all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the consultation will be provided at no cost to your organization.  You will be responsible for any incidentals during your stay (gift shop, meals/beverages outside the event, etc.).
  2. We ask that you use your own travel budget to make your way to Indianapolis.  However, if this is cause for concern, please contact Sue Weber (sweber@centerforcongregations.org).
  3. For those commuting to the gathering, parking will be provided.


If you are bringing a team, please forward this registration site to your team members. 

** Please note: We are currently at full capacity regarding hotel rooms at the Alexander Hotel. Thus, we have started a hotel reservation waitlist. Please indicate your hotel check in and check out dates below. Should a room become available at the Alexander Hotel, we will contact you and assign that room to your registration. In the event that a room is not available at the Alexander hotel, accommodations will be made for you at a secondary hotel. 


If you do not hear an update regarding your hotel room by Friday, April 26th, please contact Nix Conference and Meeting Management at registrar@nixassoc.com.